Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teenagers and there’s no age limit on a healthy smile. Orthodontists are seeing more and more adults in their offices. Perhaps you had braces in the past but your teeth have shifted after years without a retainer or you couldn’t afford treatment until now. Whatever your reason, we’ve got options for you. It’s time to smile with confidence!

Not only will straight teeth give you a necessary boost in self-esteem, treating malocclusion in adults can ward off gum disease, tooth loss, jaw pain, headaches and problems with speech and chewing.

Are you already starting to envision the mouth full of metal everyone sported during your high school years? We have good news for you. Times have changed and there have been major innovations in orthodontics. Adults are often ideal candidates for clear and lingual braces and Invisalign, which are all discreet and virtually invisible treatment options.

Clear Braces

Much like traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces involve brackets, arch wire and elastics. However, they’re much less noticeable as they’re made with a translucent material to blend into your tooth color. Clear braces tend to be a good option for older teens and adults.

Lingual Braces (Incognito)

With lingual braces, the brackets, wires and elastics are placed behind the teeth on the tongue side so they’re practically invisible. Lingual braces are becoming more popular with teens and adults and they’re a great option for anyone in search of a truly discreet treatment option.


Ready for straight teeth but not thrilled with the idea of braces? Invisalign could be the perfect alternative. The treatment uses virtually invisible, clear, plastic aligners that are custom-made according to Dr. Lee’s specifications and prescriptions.

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Treatment for Teenagers

Your kids probably have enough on their plate without having to stress about their smile. Let them focus on being a teen, while we focus on their teeth.

Surgical Orthodontics

Adults with severe bite problems can achieve great smiles and functional bite by receiving orthodontic treatment combined with corrective jaw surgery.
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