Have no fear! The braces procedure is actually painless and straightforward. Once it’s underway, you’ll be on the path to a healthy smile.


You’ll meet with the friendly and knowledgeable Dr. Lee. She’ll examine your mouth, take x-rays and photos if needed and address your questions, concerns and treatment goals. She’ll determine the best course of action and present you with the treatment options that meet your needs. After the consultation, you’ll feel confident knowing what to expect.

Get Started

The big day has arrived! Dr. Lee will adorn your teeth with brackets, arch wire and elastics. The whole process typically lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and we promise, it’s painless. We actually encourage patients to get started on the same day as their consultation, so if you want, we can jump right in.


You’ll visit the office periodically to have your braces adjusted to keep the progress going. We’ll make sure your treatment is on track and, of course, address any of your questions or concerns.


You made it! Dr. Lee will remove your braces, which also happens to be a pain-free process, to reveal your brand new smile.


We know you’ll love your straight teeth and you’ll want to keep them that way, which requires the use of retainers. Your retainer will be custom-made to fit your mouth and may need to be adjusted occasionally to maintain your great smile!

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Types of Braces

See the types of braces Dr. Lee offers in the Coquitlam clinic including metal, clear ceramic, Invisalign, lingual and Damon braces.

Adult Orthodontics

We’ve got options for you. It’s time to smile with confidence!

Surgical Orthodontics

Adults with severe bite problems can achieve great smiles and functional bite by receiving orthodontic treatment combined with corrective jaw surgery.