Adults with severe bite problems can achieve great smiles and functional bite by receiving orthodontic treatment combined with corrective jaw surgery. If your bite needs to be corrected with jaw surgery, your orthodontist will work with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Do I need orthognathic/ jaw surgery?

Your orthodontist can tell you if jaw surgery is needed as part of your treatment. This will depend on the severity of your case and the alignment of your jaws.

How does jaw surgery work?

You will start with braces to get ready for the jaw surgery. Once you are ready for the surgery, an oral surgeon will perform your jaw surgery, either in the surgeon’s office or in a hospital. Orthognathic jaw surgery can take several hours depending the case, and you will need about a two-week rest period. After your jaw has healed, your orthodontist will continue the orthodontic treatment and “fine-tune” your bite.

What are the potential risks associated with jaw surgery?

There may be certain risks associated with having orthognathic surgery, just as there are with any surgery. However, the jaw surgery is routinely done to help patients with severe bite problems and it has been performed for many years in practices and hospitals. If you have any concern or question about surgery, please contact our office. Your comfort is very important to us!

What are the benefits of having jaw surgery?

Jaw surgery can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. The results will dramatic and it can help restore your confidence.

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